Welcome to Devious Codeworks
Our software development projects are now preserved in this virtual vault. Although the Windows software was originally developed for Windows XP/Vista/7, it continues to work in subsequent Windows versions. Downloads for the Windows software installation packages are provided below. Adobe Flash Player is no longer available, therefore the online games are now accessible via emulation using Ruffle.
Pro Reels Haunted House
Version: 4.0
File Type: Install EXE (Zip)
File Size: 18.0MB
Pro Reels Haunted House
Pro Reels Haunted House is an advanced UK fruit machine simulation. It was the first project developed by Devious Codeworks back in 2001, releasing in 2003.
Note: Support is no longer available for Pro Reels Haunted House
Version: 4.4
File Type: Install EXE (Zip)
File Size: 1.05MB
Imagicon is a graphics utility designed to convert multiple image files from BMP, JPG or PNG image formats into BMP, JPG, PNG or ICO image formats (24-bit).
Note: Support is no longer available for Imagicon
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Online Games
To play the online games, please select any game icon on the left.
The emulation is near perfect for these games, however there may be minor differences in the perception of some graphic and/or audio elements when compared to the original versions playing in Adobe Flash Player.
C64 Star Storm
Retro Games
The online version of Star Storm (above) was based on the Commodore 64 version. Developed in 1987, the original Commodore 64 version no longer exists in a working state. Inspired by a burst of nostalgia, the decision was made to reconstruct the game, using surviving assets, in full assembly / machine code. The completed game is now available for download. It is designed to run on original Commodore 64/128 hardware, the THEC64 and THEC64 Mini computer systems and also Commodore 64 emulators (C64 Forever/VICE).
Video: PAL
Type: .d64 (Zip)
Size: 10KB
Software Development
Looking for JV-ODE? You can find it at jv-ode.deviouscodeworks.co.uk