Pro Reels Haunted House is an advanced UK pub fruit machine simulation with exceptional attention to detail.
The simulator is packed full of features including:
Genuine percentage payout engine set at 80%
(based on 50p per play)
Cash wins £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £7, £10 & £35 Jackpot
Nudges with gamble option, pre-win display and
auto-nudge feature
Main reel holds
Three holds secret
Hold after nudge secret
Bar combination secret
LCD info display
Keyboard and/or mouse control
Themed graphics, music and sound fx
Fullscreen / windowed display modes
Low system requirements
Full options menu including:
Adjustable reel speeds with auto configure
Music & sound fx volume level control
Keyboard configuration
Game information
Highest payouts table
Unlockable engine statistics
All option settings are saved
Full feature board including:
Hi / Lo reel gamble
Chance Award:
Lucky 7 - Extra Life - Advance 2
Back 2 - Skill Stop - Lose
Board Features:
Mystery Win - Reel Roulette - Cherry Run
Skill Nudges - Pick a Win - Cash Climb
Bars Streak - The Well (Main Feature)
Skill Cash - 7's Streak - Mega Win
Haunted House (Main Feature)
Minimum System Requirements:
Windows XP / Vista / 7 - Pentium II 450MHz CPU
128MB RAM - DirectX 7.0 - 28MB Hard Disk Space
SoundBlaster Compatible Soundcard
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